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Brain Under Attak with Maria Rickert Hong

We will be discussing the subject of PANDAS on the next Every Choice Counts podcast.  Our guest Maria Rickert Hong who is the  co-author of a new book "Brain Under Attack"  will share many of the contributing factors as well as treatment options that she and her co-authors discovered while researching and writing this informative book.  PANDAS has become much more prevalent as many of the other chronic childhood illness have and we will discuss why this might be happening and how to protect your whole family. 

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Join us for a 2-Part series on Vaccine Injury.

Dara interviews author and dad Ted Kuntz about raising his child who was injured by a DTP shot 34 years ago before they took it off the market. Ted wrote a book “Dare to Question” in honor of all the research that he has done on vaccines since that fateful day.

In Part 2 he will speak about his lifelong journey of processing the guilt and coming to acceptance with his life in his second book “Peace Begins with Me”.



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Dara is is an advocate for children's health.  She is the author of the book titled "How to Prevent

Dara Berger is the author of the book "How to Prevent Autism" and the creator of the Every Choice Counts podcast.  She is also a passionate health advocate and documentarly filmmaker.  Dara has two children, one of which developed Autism after suffering two strokes from a vaccine at 18-months.

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Dara created the Every Choice Counts podcast to spotlight how the choices we make each day greatly impact our overall health.  She will be interviewing some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the fields of health,  prevention, and recovery.

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Dara's mission is to educate people about issues and subjects that are extremely important, but are not being covered in the mainstream media.  Her book "How to Prevent Autism" covers many of these topics.  You can visit her book website for more information at www.howtopreventautism.org

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